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For Businesses

By offering our corporate customers an unmatched, personal approach to coaching, training and team building, dealing with every participant on an individual basis, we promise businesses a decrease in labour turnover and a more motivated, effective workforce. We know that every employee has a story and a personal life, therefore, our coaching and training services aim to build better people all round, tackling issues and hurdles beyond their situation in the workplace. With a mind at ease, and a space to relax when they get home, their energy to perform at work is maximized.

Corporate Training
  • Employee training for customer-facing roles

  • Communication skills

  • Interviewing skills

  • Negotiation skills

Discussion of Needs with various Customer Groups
  •  Corporate leadership coaching

  • Salesforce coaching

  • Turnaround coaching

Performance Dialogue Scores and Holistic Reports
Team Building
Wellness Programmes
Catered Staff Parties
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