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Pay As You Feel

Our guarantee that everyone has access to meaningful experiences that fuel personal development, creativity, learning, strong relationships and social reconnection.

Why we chose a pay-as-you-feel system

Everyone on the team at LOVE is committed to providing the highest-quality service in a natural, luxurious environment, making people feel valuable irrespective of their social status. We believe that having access to such experiences is an essential ingredient in liberating the mind of stress factors and in developing a stronger sense of self-worth. It is this growth of confidence that then allows for an increased ability to earn and to overcome life’s hurdles.

How we sustain our pay-as-you-feel system

When businesses come to us to engage in our corporate services, they can be sure that they are not only making the best decision for the growth of their business, but that they are also fulfilling their corporate social responsibility by re-investing in the local community. LOVE feeds profits from corporate services back into the provision of all other services on a pay-as-you-feel basis.

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