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For us, LOVE stands for Liberation, Observation, Visualisation and Expression. These are the steps central to anyone’s journey of self-improvement.


Liberation involves identifying all limiting beliefs and underlying fears, and then letting go of them.  The tranquil location in Buskett is the ideal space to completely cut-off from daily stresses, facilitating a sense of liberation and allowing individuals to focus entirely on positive change.



Once freed of all the thoughts that clutter the mind, the next step is Observation. This involves taking a look at one’s own actions and patterns, identifying triggers, and learning to overcome them if they are negative, or to focus on using them to one’s advantage if they are positive triggers. Through observation, individuals will not only gain a clear understanding of themselves, but also of their surroundings. They will identify every relationship that needs bettering and every aspect of their life that is slowing down growth in their career, their social life or their life at home. This way, they will be able to grow their sense of intuition, acting more compassionately in any situation.



The next step is taking what was observed and using Visualisation to fully focus on the desired result or the change one wants to see. By learning visualisation, individuals will be able to effectively set goals and targets for their life. Setting this direction is crucial to building the drive necessary for reaching that success and for understanding what actions are necessary to achieve it.



After gaining a better understanding of themselves, their surroundings and their goals, we work on developing and building a personal sense of Expression. By mastering body language and perfecting one’s own, genuine voice, allowing clear, fluid and intuitive communication, it is possible to take full control of any negative situation, getting the desired results and reaching the goals one set out to achieve.

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