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Malta's Social Struggle

Addictive social media (or anti-social media) has taken the focus away from real, meaningful relationships within the physical world and has placed an unhealthy amount of importance on virtual ones. With more technological distractions and less real, human interactions, children are not learning clear, compassionate communication, intuition and emotional intelligence. Adults face a similar struggle. Interpersonal violence has increased as advertising and the media are worsening people’s insecurities. This has led to a wide-spread lack of self-worth and frustration as people feel unable to keep up with fast-changing trends. The stresses of the COVID-19 pandemic have worsened this frustration and brought to light the instability of many marriages and families across Malta. Children are impacted as their support structures deteriorate.

The digital, fast-paced era has diminished mindfulness and intuition between individuals. As more people are occupied with their own survival, less are objectively assessing the needs and value of those they interact with. We see this lack between:

  • Blue collar and white collar roles within companies. This leads to the demotivation of lower-level employees who are not made aware of their crucial value in the smooth-running of the business.

  • Younger generations and the elderly. This includes interactions with family members who fail to see the value of their elder’s life experiences. Many senior citizens struggle to understand and to interact with today’s changed world, suffering abandonment and a lack of opportunities. This extends to interactions between the elderly and customer service representatives who are not trained to be patient and to adjust their communications based on the customer’s needs.

  • Adults and children. As adults prioritise financial survival and keeping up with media-induced needs, the importance of quality, family time falls away. This leads to a lack of understanding of children’s needs and the stunting of their development while the education system remains ill-equipped to teach emotional intelligence.

Our Commitment

To provide a space where the use of mobile phones and other technological distractions is discouraged (there will be no WiFi available), while encouraging adults, children and colleagues to spend real quality time with each other, fueling interpersonal understanding. Reaching beyond our coaching and training services, all our activities and events will provide valuable, personal, corporate and family experiences. These are geared towards strengthening relationships, sparking up new ones, and increasing people’s sense of self-worth.

From Separation To Family.png

Across all our services, we will provide guidance on mindfulness and intuition in communication between individuals of all ages, roles and backgrounds. Our aim is to step in where the education system fails.

From Alone To Together.png

We will provide senior citizens with affordable help around the house on a pay-as-you-feel basis and are committed to offering opportunities for the elderly to interact and re-integrate into society. Besides organising social events at our premises, we will also invite them to sit down with company executives to further understand their pain-points as customers and their needs when receiving service.

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