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Malta's Economic Struggle

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven many locals into business failures, unemployment and financial desperation, leading to more interpersonal violence as people struggle to find the tools and opportunities to heal themselves. Local businesses that are managing to survive often lack the resources to provide effective communication training to their established and new employees. This results in stress within the company, a high labour turnover, more expenses, and further unemployment. The increased cost of living due to rising property and rental prices has brought many locals to the brink of homelessness with little to no money left to invest in themselves or their children. Product prices are also on the rise due to increasing importations expenses. Additionally, affordable activities for families and children are lacking due to the steep prices that tourists are willing to pay.

Our Commitment

By offering quality corporate training on a pay-as-you-feel basis, we aim to help increase the profitability of local businesses by reducing their cost of labour turnover, improving the quality of their service, and by aiding in the smooth-running of the business. Healthy local businesses are vital for a healthy local economy.

We are committed to providing adults with the tools to increase their earning potential by helping them let go of limiting beliefs and by coaching them into becoming the best version of themselves.

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With the future in mind, we aim to better children’s communication skills through monitored interaction with others during activities, developing their creative, communicative and team-work related skills, helping them succeed in the business world later on in life.


We will offer all our services on a pay-as-you-feel basis, providing children and adults with equal opportunities for social, personal and economic growth, irrespective of their ability to spend.

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